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Sooner Realty has a special financing program for homebuyers: A Lease with Option to Purchase, (commonly called Rent-to-Own) a Lease-to-Purchase, a Contract for Deed or an Installment Sale are all popular forms of Seller Financing that can be very beneficial to everyone, creating a real "win-win" opportunity for both the Buyer and the Seller.

This program allows a homebuyer to move into a new or existing home without the formal mortgage loan application, qualification and approval process. Simply stated; enjoy the home today and buy it later when you have earned equity in the home and improved your credit FICO score.

A potential homebuyer who could qualify for a mortgage loan yesterday may not be able to do so today. We understand that sometimes bad things happen to good people. Everyone now has the opportunity to own a home and you can start today!

A basic Lease with Option to Purchase transaction allows a prospective homebuyer to begin the process of buying a home by starting with a lease agreement and a purchase option addendum. The addendum applies 100 percent of their down payment (option money) and perhaps a portion of the rent/lease payments may apply towards the purchase price of the property. The price, terms and conditions of the agreement to purchase the home are negotiated in advance.

Rent-to-Own allows prospective homebuyers to begin the process of buying a home by starting with a lease agreement and a purchase or option to addendum. The addendum creates the means of applying 100 percent of their down payment and perhaps a portion of the rent payments to the future purchase of the property. The price, terms and conditions of the purchase of the home are agreed to in advance.

By eliminating the mortgage application process, any variant of Seller Financing provides advantages to Buyers with an immediate need for a home and those who require additional time to better position themselves for financing. The process is easier, simpler and faster than the traditional process of purchasing a home, allowing Buyers to move in without delay while affording the time to work on the 3-C's of credit, character, how obligations are handled, capacity, how much debt can be handled and capital, the assets of a Buyer.

A lease to purchase or other seller financing scenario gives a Buyer the opportunity to build or re-build their credit history to secure more favorable mortgage rates and terms, while accruing valuable equity with each monthly payment. Buyers can also use the lease term to save additional money to apply towards the down payment on the home to improve their financing options. Also, a current homeowner may need extra time to sell an existing property and clear the outstanding debt connected to it before being able to qualify for a new mortgage loan. What are the qualifications to buy a home on a rent-to-own program? It is really very basic, little or no credit is required but cash is needed for a down payment along with a stable source of income and the ability to make the agreed upon payments. It is a little more involved because of paperwork but that is pretty much it.

Our goal is to help good folks achieve home ownership today.

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Earl Delp, Broker & Auctioneer
Sooner Realty & Auction

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